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    Nearshoring: the detonator of growth of SMEs in Monterrey

    Are you part of any of the companies that are growing exponentially in Monterrey? If not, we'll tell you how.

    Monterrey is consolidating itself as one of the most important destinations for nearshoring. With more than a thousand million dollars in investment confirmed in January 2024 alone, the capital of Nuevo León is a key point for trade with the USA and Canada, and new developments in industrial infrastructure highlight this expansion, led by Grupo Frisa's Monterrey Tech Park . The capital of Nuevo León is the southern starting point of the USMCA Superhighway, sometimes still known as the NAFTA Superhighway. This corridor runs through the heart of the United States before splitting towards the Great Lakes in Ontario and Manitoba's capital, Winnipeg. This connection is key, as it unites the three countries in a convenient supply chain that supplies the critical middle belt of North America, with strategic business centers such as Dallas, Oklahoma City, Chicago and Toronto benefiting from it. Proof of this is the announcement of the second stage of the Más PYMEX program, where 12 of the leading companies in Mexico have committed resources, infrastructure and training to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who have the capacity to take advantage of the explosion of the nearshoring phenomenon in Nuevo Lion. Heineken, BAT, Carrier, Whirlpool, among others, are part of this new roster of economic boost to the state in an increasingly favorable environment for investors with stimuli and credits available through banks and financial companies. After the success of the first alliance announced by the Chamber of the Processing Industry, in 2023, now 41% of companies in Mexico are seeking to expand to the border state.

    Automakers take the lead

    Currently, the most attractive sector in this expansion is electromobility. With the arrival of Tesla and the proliferation of satellite companies providing goods and services, Nearshoring has cemented Monterrey’s role as a key point for expansion in North America. The numbers add up: Nuevo Leon closed 2023 with a record foreign investment of 36.58 billion USD, increasing GDP by 3.1 percent. It is estimated that Monterrey has received up to 76 percent of the country’s nearshoring contributions. This expansion is not just coming from outside: 61 percent of companies in the state have planned to expand their presence, according to a study by KPMG. Industrial infrastructure is keeping up the pace. According to the latest industrial real estate report from Colliers (December 2023), the construction of 2.4 million square meters (m2) of industrial infrastructure is planned between 2024 and 2025, adding up to a total of 20.2 million m2 in the region. As the crown jewel of these industrial spaces, Monterrey Tech Park certainly stands out. A modern industrial city over 260 thousand square meters (m2) in size, housing 7 industrial units which will be developed in three stages. The groundbreaking ceremony will be held in the upcoming days, which represents an excellent opportunity to acquire spaces within the project, which can be adapted to the specific needs and dimensions of each tenant. Its strategic location, 15 minutes from the International Airport and at the intersection of the two most important highways in the region leading to Laredo and Reynosa, allows companies to connect with key distribution and business sites in the USMCA. Our allies will have access to a series of strategic advantages certified by LEED and EDGE, and the backing of Grupo Frisa’s experience. With over 70 years of leadership in the development of infrastructure and business innovation in Mexico, Grupo Frisa is committed to elevating the success of our partners and clients through strategic real estate solutions. We pride ourselves on selecting prime locations that serve as pivotal hubs for industrial, commercial and residential developments. Our focus is on unlocking the full potential of investments, thereby facilitating remarkable growth and advancement for those we work with.

    Whether it is infrastructure, construction or consulting, Grupo Frisa is the ally you need to stay ahead of this new era of business.