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    At Grupo FRISA, we recognize the importance of identifying and prioritizing key environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) aspects as a fundamental part of our strategy.

    Our approach focuses on generating a relevant impact, both within and outside our organization, with the aim of creating long-term value for all stakeholders. During 2023, we conducted our materiality study with the purpose of focusing our efforts and resources on managing the most relevant issues

    This approach will allow us to make evidence-based strategic decisions, ensuring that our actions and practices are aligned with the needs and expectations of our stakeholders. Additionally, it will enable us to effectively address current challenges and opportunities in the ESG realm.

    • Material Subjects

    • Stakeholder Groups

    • Our Commitment to the SDGs

    • Risk Management

    • La Cañada Park

    Material Subjects

    Following our materiality analysis, we have highlighted 7 strategic material topics that deserve special prioritization, as shown in the following matrix:

    Stakeholder Groups

    Our fundamental goal is to maintain a solid and transparent relationship, providing relevant information and encouraging active participation of our stakeholders in our initiatives and decisions.

    • Accionistas


    • Proveedores


    • Colaboradores


    • Despachos contables

      Accounting firms

    • Comunidad


    • Despachos legales

      Legal firms

    • Clientes


    • Instituciones financieras

      Financial institutions


    Our Commitment to the SDGs

    Grupo FRISA is committed to conducting management that is fully aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). While all 17 goals are relevant to our company, we have identified 9 of them in which our action has a particularly significant impact:

    Risk Management

    At Grupo FRISA, we have undertaken a study to detect the possible risks that our organization could face in the environmental, social, and economic domains. These risks stem from the intrinsic nature of our operations. Below, we enlist some of the strategies implemented for mitigating these risks:


    Environmental contingencies

    Hiring comprehensive property coverage insurance. Presence in 16 states of the Republic, which diversifies environmental risk.



    Direct management of permits and authorizations, at municipal, state, or federal levels, as applicable.



    Leasing contracts indexed to inflation for leasing businesses.


    Exchange rate risk

    In the case of leasing in dollars, the debt is in dollars. We do not have open exchange rate risk in leasing businesses.


    Interest rates

    Risk market coverage is carried out with derivative instruments.

    La Cañada Park

    La Cañada Natural Park, located in La Magdalena Contreras, southwest of Mexico City, is a socio-environmental regeneration project driven by private initiative and civil society in the capital, with the assistance of local government, to give life to an urban green space of great relevance: the largest private park with free public access in Mexico City, supported by GRUPO FRISA.

    Parque la cañada